Rain Gardens

Innovative Designs To Help Home & Community

Rain Gardens (aka. stormwater management systems) protects people and homes by reducing flooding, eliminating standing water and by redirecting polluted run off away from walkways, driveways and the foundations of homes and buildings. 

By integrating a beautiful landscape design within a stormwater management system, you’ll be adding beauty to your home while protecting it and you’ll also be helping the environment. 

How does a rain garden help the environment?

Without a stormwater management system in place, the majority of the runoff from your property ends up streaming down the pavement into the city storm drains. While it travels down the roof, from your gutters and into those storm drains, the water is collecting pollutants such as small animal waste, gas, oil, fertilizers, other chemicals and even heavy metals which then travel into the storm drains. These storm drains then purge themselves right into the St. Lawrence River – thereby polluting the river quite intensely. This is the same water we drink! We can all help reduce the amount of pollutants entering our river by implementing a stormwater management system on our property. 

A rain garden redirects that flow of polluted water into a purposely designed ‘pool’ where the water naturally gets re-absorbed back into the ground where the earth itself will clean and filter the water and restore the local water table with clean water. It’s a win-win situation!

Our Simple 3-Step Process



We'll meet to discuss your vision and have a walk through of your property. We'll establish your wants and needs and then begin to design.

Landscape Design


Once we've established your needs as well as your tastes, we'll then draw up a design to match your style and your needs.

Rainwater Management


Once the design is approved, we'll move forward with the build and have it completed both professionally and in a timely fashion.