Consulting Services

Education is the key to a healthier lifestyle. Sift through the myths, the fake news and the bias opinions and search for absolute truth. This is where you will find your true power.

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Consulting Services

Don’t know where to begin or where you may have gone wrong? There is more to gardening than you may realize. Let’s sit down and discuss everything from location, soil sciences to proper watering habits.  Together, we can help get you back on the right track towards a beautiful and bountiful harvest!

Workshops / Blog / YouTube

We offer workshops from time to time regarding various topics related to gardening. Often the topics we discuss can be found on our blog. We are a little slow at adding new videos to our YouTube channel, it’s busy season! Sorry! LOL!

If you’re interested in doing an event or a collaboration with us, please do not hesitate to reach out! We’re highly motivated and driven to educate our community!

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