Gardening School

At Green Care, we love plants. I mean, we REALLY love plants. So much so that we’ve put together these awesome courses to encourage you to get the ‘gardeners itch’ and become your own green-thumb! We pride ourselves on working towards a healthier future for our planet and we can only succeed if we work together through education and practice. These courses both explore the basic fundamentals of gardening and are designed for the new, beginner gardener who is looking to explore a potential new passion!

Outdoor Gardening

Outdoor Gardening

Learn all the fundamental basics to become an expert level gardener! Dive into plant biology and soil sciences. Understand pruning methods and the different styles of gardening. Learn about shade gardens, pollinator gardens and  deer-resistant gardens. Discover how planning, maintenance, and good watering habits help you to achieve the professional look without the high cost!

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Indoor Gardening

Learn all about indoor gardening. We go over a range of topics, everything from houseplants to plant care, pests and diseases to growing vegetables inside! We even discuss methods of pruning, repotting and even propagation. The goal of this course is to teach you how to garden indoors, year-round and to keep your plants happy and healthy!