Garden Hacks: Composting

Garden Hacks: Composting

One of the best (and most common) gardening hacks for any gardener is to create your own compost. It’s efficient, affordable, and guaranteed to be organic as you know EXACTLY what went into making it.

Whether you have a flower garden or a vegetable garden, a little compost in your beds make all the difference in the world between a great garden and an amazing garden!

Recently, my 8-year-old and I created a waste management plan to help reduce our waste and our carbon footprint. He wanted to increase our ability to compost and use that compost in our gardens. Together we marked out a plan that included a few Tupperware bins, a cute little shelf that he built and an addition to our recycling bins.

Armed with our new plan, a comprehensive list of what can be recycled, composted and garbaged – we went from 4 large garbage bags + 1 full recycling bin a WEEK! Down to 1 small garbage bag, 2 full recycling bins and 1 full compost bin in TWO weeks! Amazing!

Waste Management

Waste Reduction

So in case you read that last bit a little too quickly, let me repeat… we filled up our compost bin in almost 2 weeks! How insane is that?! It really put into perspective for us just how much we actually wasting. So much goes into our landfill that really doesn’t belong there.

Now we don’t have a super huge property and we do still live in the city. We used a DIY-style compost bin where we purchased one of those large Rubbermaid 121-L Garbage bins at Canadian Tire. We drilled a CRAP TON of holes into the sides, top and bottom so it can breathe. With the lid secured and keeping it elevated off the ground using a couple of bricks we had on hand, we now have a compost bin that cost us $25 and actually works extremely well!

This type of composting solution is terrific for anyone who doesn’t have much space to work with. It doesn’t smell at all, critters cannot get into it and yes, you can compost all year round with this. Having two or three of these is ideal as one gets full, you have others to fill. Last year it worked out so well for us. We started our first bin in February 2018 and by October the whole thing had turned into beautiful compost. We were able to use it for one last feed before the winter frost came.

Composting 2018 – 2 Months After Starting Our Compost Bin

So what can you put in compost?

Keeping in mind that I have 4 children between 8 and 15 – I had to post a list on my fridge to help remind my children (and let’s be honest here, my hubby as well) of what goes where in order to maintain this awesome level of waste reduction and increase our composting materials. The list below is exactly what is on my fridge, it is not a complete list – this list was made based around my family and our lifestyle. You can download it here if you’d like and use it.

Waste Management List

So now, in our home, we have this cute little set up that allows us to reduce our waste and provide my gardens with nutrient-rich compost! It’s not costing me anything more than the one-time cost of the $25 bins either! Anyone can compost with a little effort and a well thought out plan! So what are you waiting for?

Do you already compost? Is your set up different than mine? What do you compost that is not on my list of compostable items? Tell me by leaving a comment below, I’d love to know what you’re doing!

Garden Hacks Compost

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