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About Green Care Services

Melissa Owner - Garden of Eden“Hey there! Melissa here! I am the founder of Green Care Services (formerly Garden of Eden). I am an avid gardener and cheerleader for healthy, plant based living and a serious advocate for nature. I am passionate about encouraging our community to cultivate beautiful eco-landscapes, happier gardens and an overall healthier lifestyle.”

In early 2018, Green Care Services began as Melissa saw a dire need for a more sustainable form of landscaping. She first entered the industry in 2012 in Ottawa. From there her passion grew, now Melissa is taking SD&G by storm offering a full lineup of landscaping services.

Green Care is NOT just another landscaping service! We are the new eco-warriors. Our mission is to conserve and protect the local environment, including our local waterways as well as the local wildlife. We accomplish this by focusing on sustainable and eco-friendly designs and practices for your property. We implement conservation techniques such as rain gardens and water barrels, and we implement safe and efficient restoration techniques right into our overall plans that not only leave you with a beautiful landscape, but also a healthy and environmentally beneficial one as well.

We also educate via blog, YouTube, articles, public speaking and workshops that educate our community on the topics of gardening, eco-landscaping, rain gardens and conservation of the environment.

If you’re interested in how we can help, please reach out!

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