During this time, we are still servicing our clients and we wanted to take a moment to assure you that we are taking the necessary precautions to ensure the safety of both ourselves as well as our clients including implementing social distancing safety measures. 

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Eco-landscaping is about the mindful design of your property’s landscape that benefits the natural environment by using native plants, conserving water and providing food and habitat for wildlife.

Rainwater Management


Rain Gardens are a simple way to help protect your home from flooding, the environment and the health of our local waterways while providing a beautiful, low maintenance garden for your property.

Landscape Restoration


Restoration of the local environment begins with your property! Our restoration services includes a full assessment of your home and property to determine problem spots and how to resolve them for a healthy landscape.


the perfect landscape

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How to Manage Stormwater on Your Property
How to Manage Stormwater on Your Property

What is a stormwater management system? A stormwater management system is a landscaped feature such as a rain garden, a bioswale or a dry rock swale that is installed on your property in order to collect stormwater (rain and melted snow) and runs off your grass, roof, and driveway. This feature absorbs and naturally filters…

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Our blog covers a vast array of different topics… everything from landscaping and gardening to health and wellness. If it somehow pertains to the environment, we write about it!

The Green Care Advantage


Backed by years of both professional and personal experience, you won't be steered wrong with professional advice provided by Green Care.


Green Care owner, Melissa, is a little OCD. You can expect nothing less than perfection and the highest standard of professionalism.


Green Care takes pride in their amazing customer care practices. From beginning to end (and beyond) you are never left out in the cold.

The Highest Standards


We take great pride in our work and our mission. Eco-landscaping practices with environmental conservation is always in the back of our minds. We work hard today to ensure a healthy, beautiful future for tomorrow.

♥ Client Love ♥

"Her skills are excellent, her work ethic is extraordinary, and her knowledge is amazing. Melissa is truly gifted. I’ve never been so happy with a landscaping service!"
Lorraine S.
Chef - St Lawrence College
"Melissa is great! I have no talent in that regard and it warms my heart knowing my plants are so well cared for. Thank you!"
Milena C.
Lawyer - Cardinal Law